Professional Legal Services

Today's technology provides abundant opportunities to resolve legal issues without paying hundreds of dollars an hour.  At Paralegals Online, we are your legal alternative to the high cost of legal fees by offering professional legal services at affordable rates.

Access to Justice at a Fair Price
As Licensed Paralegals in Ontario, Canada, we keep the cost of providing legal services under control. You will always know the upfront cost before we provide legal services.

And with recent changes to the Rules allowing 'unbundling' of legal services, you can choose which services you want and those you don't.  Either way, we'll take on your case with a dual goal of achieving justice while keeping the costs of hiring a legal representative under control.

Your Online Advantage
At Paralegals Online, we are experts at providing clearly written and spoken legal communication.  And since effective communication is vitally important in any legal matter, this fact alone sets us apart. With over twenty years of successful business experience, our fundamental approach to every legal matter is simple: Keep Our Clients Happy.  We believe this is the key to getting what you deserve.

Scale of Justice, Reasonable Rates in Mississauga, ON

"People need prompt resolution of issues so they can move on with their lives . . ."

Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin in a speech to the Canadian Bar Association.

How do I start legal action online or on my smartphone?
Click a few buttons and we get to work on your matter. You don't need time off work or even leave your home because our three-step process is simple:


After a brief discussion over the phone or via email, we can open a file usually the same day. All necessary information is collected and organized by looking for anything relevant to support your legal position.


Letters may be sent to interested parties to open a dialog with opposing counsel.  All communication is done on your behalf and if required, we prepare legal documents and file them with the court.


We're prepared to represent you in court, settlement conference or mediation. Our focus is to quickly get the best resolution to your legal matter. 

Know the Real Cost BEFORE you go to court.

Don't Be Upset - Be Prepared!

Start Legal Action From Your Cell Phone!

Don't take time off work or even leave home!

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